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mployment outside t▓heir homes," Xi said.He has warned against ▓aiming too high, saying that tasks should be accomplishe▓d one by one.Xi has called for saving children from poverty, in particular, by granting them access to education."In poor regions, improving education should be a priority. Children should be given a fair chance at the starting point of their lives. Give them opportunities to be educated▓, to go to college. Then in eight to ten years, they will have the m

eans to become well-off, or at ▓least to feed themselves," Xi said.He has de▓manded more financial support be give▓n to education in remote and rural areas, and that the▓ development of compulsory education receives due attention.Teachers c

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poverty, Xi believes, it is crucial to instill in them an aspiration to live better.From ▓1988 to 1990, Xi was secretary of the CPC Ningde Prefectural Committee in Fujian."I saw ▓Ningde as a weak bird that needed to make an early ▓start, work with perseverance and no▓t feel ashamed of lagging behind. Work incessantly and it will eventually take on a new look," Xi said.Some of Xi's speeches in Ningde were later compiled into a book titled "Out of Poverty," which Xi said could serve as a guideline."For those in poverty, a lack of morale will get them nowhere," Xi said."In the battle against poverty, no corruption, fraudulence or blind pursuit of politic▓al achievements can be allowed," Xi▓ said, adding that secretaries of the CPC county committees or county magistrates should work ▓at the very frontline and make concre▓te efforts.Only with a

down-to-earth style and concrete efforts can cadres fulfill the promises of eliminating poverty made to the people and

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cording to Xi.Xi ▓has stressed that the task of poverty relief, which t▓ops the Party and the country's work agenda, ▓must be assigned to the most capable cadres. Secretaries of the CPC county committees and county magistra▓tes could only be transferred to other positions after their▓ poverty relief work is proved.He has highlighted the importance of inspection and supervision in▓ poverty relief, stressing that the effect of▓ poverty elimination work of one place should be evaluated by officials from other places to en▓sure impartiality and the assessment result would be an ▓important yardstick for cadre promotion.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on ▓WechatScholars and experts in some

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c▓ountries highly appreciated Chinese President Xi Jinp▓ing's remarks at the just-concluded ▓Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' meeting.Chinese president's keynote speech at APEC CEO Summit receives broad praiseChi▓nese president's keynote speech at AP▓EC CEO Summit receives broad praise11-22-2016 10:30 BJT▓BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Scholars an▓d experts in some countries highly appreciated Chinese President Xi Jinping's remarks at t▓he just-concluded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperati▓on (APEC) Economic Leaders' meeting.In a ke▓ynote speech delivered Saturday at the APEC CEO Summit in Lima, Peru's capital, Xi called on t▓he 21 APEC member economies to promote an open ▓and integrated economy, enhance connectivity to achieve interconnected development, boost reform and innovation to create more internal driving force, an

oes hand in hand with ▓ industrial pro jects. [But] in deep mount ains and forests, where there are no p rofessionals or market, and costs are high, it is not easy to develop industria▓l projects," Xi said. Poverty relief i s all abou t solving real pro blems, according to Xi.He stre ssed the ▓importance of education a nd guaranteeing ba 内乡县wap 威县5G 柳江县5G 台前县5G 五莲县5G 金门县5G 宁乡县5G 福鼎市5G 美姑县wap 广德县5G 东山县5G 射阳县wap 藤县wap 壶关县wap 丹寨县wap 井陉县5G 博白县5G 泸定县5G 高碑店市5G 龙海市5G 传奇私服单 传奇私服复古版 纯网通1.80传奇私服 传奇私服英雄合击手游 今日传奇私服新服网 传奇私服独醉精品 热血传奇私服开服时间表 盛大传奇私服登录器 仙剑版本传奇私服迷失 迷失传奇私服网站大全